Генератор сигналов ANRITSU MG3670B с цифровой модуляцией

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Генератор сигналов ANRITSU MG3670B с цифровой модуляцией

Генератор сигналов  ANRITSU MG3670B The MG3670B/C, MG3671A/B and MG3672A are digital modulation signal generators equipped with a high-performance quadrature modulator. They output the signals needed to develop, test, and evaluate digital mobile communications equipment and related devices with expansion units.

The MG3670B/C operates from 300 kHz to 2.25 MHz; the MG3671A/B and MG3672A operate 300 to 2.75 MHz. Both provide a stable and precise output as well as spectrum purity up to +13 dBm, even with modulation. In addition to testing receiver sensitivity and excess input, they can be used for testing IF stage performance and for evaluating device quality. A CMOS-level mode is provided for I/Q signal input. The input frequency band covers the CDMA spread spectrum band, expanding the range of applications.

The MG3670C/3671B/3672A can be expanded by rear panel extension connectors to use for auxiliary signal output functions special to communication system. MG3670B/C, MG3671A/B and MG3672A can be used in combination with up to eight modulation units and a burst function unit simultaneously.

The MG0301C/0302A/0305A/0307A/0311A modulation units have a continuous data generator capable of generating arbitrarily-programmable data signals and ITU-T specification PN9/15 stage PRBS signals. They also have band-limiting filters and can output I/Q baseband signals.

The MG0303A Burst Function Unit uses the frame and slot configuration stipulated by various communication systems and has a modulation pattern generator function and a function for ramp control of carrier burst signals. It can also handle data editing and scrambling.

The MG0310A Modulation Unit generates SS + QPSK/OQPSK modulated (1.2288 Mcps) I/Q baseband signals, supporting the CDMA system (TIA/EIA/IS-95) used in US Digital Cellular Systems and the US Personal Communications Service (PCS).

Anritsu-developed DSP and ASIC technology is used in the MG0310A to achieve superior waveform quality factor () and spurious emission characteristics. Channel multiplexed signals are supported for both forward and reverse links. With two MG0310A units mounted in the MG3670C/3671B/3672A, all the test signals required to conform to TIA/EIA/IS-95, -97, and -98 can be generated. Simultaneous outputs from the rear extension connectors using long and short codes, etc., support a wide range of applications including RF related tests, IF stage performance tests, and device and module quality evaluation. (Option 25 is required to install the MG0310A in the MG3670B/3671A. The auxiliary signal output function is not installed, so long/short codes cannot be output.)

The MG0312A QPSK Modulation Unit generates QPSK/OQPSK modulated I/Q baseband signals at 8 high-speed bit rates between 500 kbps and 2.4576 Mbps. Built-in modulation data includes PN7/PN9/PN15/PN23 pseudorandom patterns. Use over a wide range is supported by multiple baseband filters and the Phase Encoding function, which allows modulation data to be voluntarily phase mapped onto a constellation. At the 2.4576 Mbps rate, the evaluation of transmission section devices and modules can be performed such as RF power amplifier for CDMA mobile stations.


The MG3670B features:

  • Compatible with communication system measurement signals Japan, North America and Europe
  • High modulation accuracy (1.8% rms vector error)
  • Outputs modulation signals suited to each communication system
  • Internal pattern generator with data-editing and scrambling functions
  • Outputs IS-95 channel multiplex signal
  • Wide range (30 MHz, 3 dB) I/Q Input

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