Dear Colleagues and Customers!
We can find optimal solution of your request considering price/quality/work ratio. Our company realizes complete technical support for supplied products, complex systems and software. All modules and complex systems are supplied at your request with drivers and necessary software. We solve all the problems concerning the adjustment of the products at the operational start and improve modules, complex systems and software during the period of explotation.
The company has high quality staff for realizing these directions, all members have considerable experience in the field of information technologies, one third of the members have academic degrees.
The company has the structure compliant with the requirements on the management system of quality in international standard ISO-9001-2011.

Single-Board Computers and PC104/104+ Modules Hardware/ Software Modules and Systems Development Vibration Testing Systems
Workstations and Light Servers Development of Made to Order Software Videosystems
Handheld Li-Ion
High Capacity Batteries
Equipment Supply Components Supply
Geoinformational Systems
Mobile LAN of the Management in Extreme Conditions
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